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 “Eliana was extraordinary in helping us, she listened to our problems and goals and prepared a tailored sleep plan for Rose. She was an enormous help in supporting and encouraging us when we were unsure and insecure.
My life has changed for the better in so many ways that it is hard to list. I feel a lot more confident as a mother and the quality of family life has improved tremendously.”

Silvia, Mum to 9-month old Rose

“I was always nervous of ‘sleep training’ techniques but Eliana’s methods did not involve our feeling Clementine was distressed in any way and the whole process was much simpler than we thought! Thank you!!!”

Camilla, Mum to 7-month old Clementine

“I was very skeptical about the idea of sleep training. I had read a few sleep books with no success. I met Eliana at an event and she seemed knowledgeable but, most importantly, approachable and sensitive. I will never stop thanking her for having changed our life as a family.”

Sarah, Mum to 5-year old Oliver

“A big thank you to Little Angel Sleep Consulting – and especially to Eliana – for giving us the gift of achieving regular sleep in our little baby Giulia”

Linda, Mum to 3-month old Giulia

“Thanks to Eliana for helping us, with her great professionality, get our sleep back! I can’t recommend Little Angel Sleep Consulting enough!!”

Stefania, Mum to 15-month old baby girl

“BELIEVE IT… I co-slept for 13 months with my son who used to wake up as often as 10 times a night. Eliana changed all of this with her professionality, availability and sensitivity. MY SON NOW SLEEPS FOR 10 CONSECUTIVE HOURS IN HIS COT!!! Thank you Eliana!!”

Caterina, Mum to 14-month old boy

“Thank you Eliana, there are no words which can truly describe how much you have helped us! Your kind and warm approach to families who find this whole process difficult is lovely and appreciated”


Mum to 8-month old Rohan

“I have no words to describe how amazing Eliana is and how much she was dedicated to sorting our family’s sleep. She really did her best to make us feel comfortable at all times and to ensure our child was not distressed at any point. We can’t recommend Eliana enough, best money ever spent in my life!”


Katherine, Mum to 4-year old Gavin

“Where do I start from? Eliana is simply amazing. She was with us every step of the way. By the 4th night my son was sleeping through the night. Eliana was so supportive and made sure that I was comfortable with every suggestion she made. My son now sleeps from 6:30pm to 7:30am (sometimes 8am if he is having a lazy morning).”


Sheun, Mum to 4-month old baby boy

“We had tried everything to get our daughter to sleep. We had lost hope and were about to give up. It is unbelievable to see that after 2 and a half years of no sleep, C. is now sleeping through the night. She is so much happier, no more whining, no more tantrums, and we are much happier too. We have gone crazy recommending Eliana to all our friends.”


Dario, Dad to 2 and a half year old girl

“We feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Eliana. The one lesson I have learned through our experience is that achieving great sleep in newborns is possible!

Eliana was able to help us set some realistic expectations around our child’s sleep and, most importantly, get her sleeping with only one feed at night. his might not be every family’s choice but if you are considering sleep training, Eliana is the person to go for. I 100% recommend!”


Charlotte, Mum to 8-week old baby girl – London, UK

“I cannot praise this service enough, it’s absolutely amazing, the plan is robust and covers everything. The support offered is great, Eliana is always so helpful and has been a godsend.I 100% recommend.”


Carly, Mum to 9-month old Jackson

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