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Tired of waking up multiple times a night? Confused by the contrasting advice you receive about your child’s sleep? Eager to have some restful nights for your child and your family?

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Eliana Beeson

Hi! I am Eliana Beeson, Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Founder and Owner of Little Angel Sleep Consulting. And, most importantly, proud Mum to Sofia (2017) and to James (2020).

My story has to start with some acknowledgements. The credit for the creation of Little Angel Sleep Consulting goes to my daughter, Sofia, and to my mother, Franca. Even if in completely different ways, they both put me on the path of wanting to help families get their children to sleep well.

I was myself once a child who started sleeping continuously at night at age 5. I vividly remember how difficult it was for me to fall asleep and how much I refused to go to sleep.

As my mother raised me with terrible stories of me not wanting to sleep, when I found out I was pregnant with Sofia in 2016, I wanted at all costs to understand whether poor sleep skills were somehow genetic and would affect my baby’s life. Of course they are not! In fact, Sofia turned out to be a great sleeper…. until she was 16 weeks. At that point, everything changed: multiple wakings a night, short, poor naps, lots of crankiness during the day… I couldn’t recognise my baby anymore! My friends, family, fellow mums and the Internet bombarded me with contrasting messages about how to help my daughter (and our family!) sleep better, but I decided to find the right solution for myself. Acknowledging I was too tired to be the mum I wanted to be was the turning point for me. I was lucky enough to find the right resource, who helped me understand how important healthy, independent sleep habits are for children. Those first few nights of restful sleep transformed my daughter into a happy little girl. Words can’t express how excited I was to see her at her best and to reconnect with myself and my husband!

Thanks to the good sleep habits I established with my second child early on, I have been able to enjoy a much more positive motherhood experience this second time around. This is what I wish to all the mums and dads we deal with… To be happy, well-rested parents!

My own experience of sleep deprivation and its side effects have motivated me to want to make a life change for other families too.

I have undertaken an in-depth certification programme which has given me the initial tools and knowledge in the child sleep consulting field. It is however my 5-year experience working with over 700 families in the world to have enormously enriched the sleep approach I use with each family I have the luck to work with.

After having started my business in London, UK almost 5 years ago, I recently moved to Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. I currently support families with overnight sleep consulting in Los Angeles and remote sleep support options internationally.

My mission is to help parents (and their children!) the sleep they need and deserve.

If you have come across this page, I bet you have been dreaming of a good nights sleep for quite a while! Let’s not waste any time, get in touch for your BESPOKE SLEEP SUPPORT now. We’ll come up with a solution which responds to your child’s specific situation and your family’s needs.

If you do not feel comfortable with your English language skills, no problem! I offer my services in Italian and Spanish too.

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