Our work with reflux

Having a baby that suffers from reflux can be a really challenging experience for parents.

Watching your baby crying a lot after feeding, being irritable, refusing to eat, sleeping poorly and only in an upright position, and being fussy all day can be SO disheartening.

Although in most cases reflux resolves itself naturally within the first few months of a child’s life, those few months can feel like an eternity. Also, the experience the family goes through can seriously affect their well-being and leave painful memories.

Here at Little Angel, we have been through this challenge, having had children that suffered from reflux ourselves. So, we KNOW and we UNDERSTAND how difficult this condition can be for the well-being of the entire family.

When Eliana’s first daughter Sofia was diagnosed with silent reflux, she felt relieved. She finally knew what was causing such pain for her little one and how to best support her. However, like many other parents of babies with reflux, Eliana had felt ignored by the doctors and healthcare professionals around her and misunderstood by her close friends and family. It was clear to her that having a baby with reflux is nearly impossible to understand unless you have gone through it personally.

When Eliana became a Sleep Consultant, she was determined to change the approach to sleep for reflux children. The classic ‘babies with reflux don’t sleep well’ mantra was unacceptable to her. Her personal experience was her inspiration to undertake extensive training and study research about reflux and how It impacts the sleep of a child.

As of today, we are proud to have helped hundreds of families with babies and young children suffering from reflux. After what these families have endured, they – above all – deserve a good night sleep.

If your little one suffers from reflux, WE CAN HELP! The most important prerequisite is that your child’s reflux is under control, either through medication or significant natural improvement, to give you the confidence to get your little one’s sleep right!

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