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Our Sleep Recipe



We pride ourselves on having successfully worked with hundreds of families from different cultural and language backgrounds, all around the world.


We have undertaken an in-depth certification process plus further education in becoming Pediatric Sleep Consultants. Our methods and our advice are based on the science behind the Sleep Sense™ Method. This way, you can have the confidence of knowing what is right and what isn’t when it comes to your child’s sleep, from a scientific standpoint.


We strongly believe that every child is unique. We will honestly tell you what is realistically achievable for your little one based on their starting point and individual reaction to the sleep changes that we will be introducing.


We love what we do. We accompany all families in their sleep journies with passion and enthusiasm which we believe make sleep training more fun and less difficult.


We have been there as mothers. We know first-hand how hard sleep deprivation is and how much better your family life can be once your child starts sleeping well.

Guidance and Support

You will never be alone! This is a journey that we embark on together. No more second-guessing, no more questions left unanswered, no more Google searches at 3.00 am to try to make sense of your little one’s sleep behavior.


TBD – To Be Defined

Yes, you read that right! Our sleep recipe doesn’t include any pre-set directions.

We simply take the main ingredients and mix them in amounts and ways that are just right for you and your family.

We completely tailor our sleep plan to each child’s needs and each family’s goals and make sure that we adapt our support phase depending on how your little one is doing.

Our mission is bringing you success and getting you all to sleep well!

How does it work in practical terms?

Let’s face it, getting your child to sleep well can be a hard process. Having a clear idea of the reasons for undertaking a sleep journey together  will give you all the motivation you need to make changes to your child’s sleep habits.

We will gather detailed information about your child’s personality, medical history and current sleep situation to guide you to the best approach for your family.

Let’s be honest! There’s no parent that wouldn’t love for their child to sleep from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am uninterrupted. Some kids do it, BUT most don’t. We will look at your little one’s unique response to the sleep changes we introduce and tell you exactly what to expect along the way. This way, you will learn how to best support YOUR child.

Since people always ask us whether our approach involves “crying it out,” it’s something that deserves to be addressed here.

We cannot promise that there will be absolutely no crying as part of the process. That would be dishonest on our part.

Crying is a normal reaction on the part of your child to protest change and manifest tiredness. We make sure to tell parents that our sleep work will be as gentle as possible, but it will involve at least some amount of protest on the child’s part as we propose changes to their habits.

We will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, to ever leave him or her unsupported, or to ever ignore your child’s cries.

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If you have any questions at all about our sleep approach, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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