How I Work Compared to Other Sleep Consultants

If you do a quick online search, you will find thousands of solutions for getting your child to sleep. There are articles, there are support groups, social media posts and sleep consultants. The one thing in common to all these resources is that regardless of your child’s age, there are solutions to get your child to sleep.

When it comes to sleep consultants, there are certified sleep consultants and not. I am certified with the most in-depth sleep certification programme available on the market.

I am a believer in every child and family’s uniqueness. That’s why I always do a complete preliminary sleep evaluation before working with any family. The first step is for me to understand how your child’s uniqueness is impacting his sleep and how it all fits within your own family dynamics. That’s why I don’t offer a “one solution fits all” type of approach. I also believe that changing a child’s sleep habits takes time and effort and that getting support is key to succeed. For this reason, all my sleep consultation packages include my support for 2 or 3 weeks, holding parents’ hand in the entire process, step by step, until we succeed in getting your child sleep well.

What’s the Difference Between a Sleep Consultant and a Night Nurse?

A night nurse or night nanny is someone who comes to your home and helps take care of your baby at night. Night nurses do not usually have any certification specifically in paediatric sleep solutions. As their main goal is to create as less disruption as possible to your night’s sleep, they often use different sleep props to get your baby sleeping. A good short-term solution for tired parents.

As a sleep consultant, I empower you, the parent, to take control of your baby’s sleep. I coach you on what to do, in the comfort of your home or remotely, and I remain available to answer your questions and provide support. In a few words, I give you “gentle effective sleep solutions” to help your child sleep well. I won’t do the work for you; I will teach you how to become confident in dealing with your child’s sleep.

Getting your child sleeping well means giving you and your family time to relax and recharge, getting you the sleep you need and enjoy some great time with your partner in the evening.

My Sleep Method

I have a unique method of helping your child get to sleep. While there may be some tears involved, once you learn some simple methods and put your child in an ideal sleep situation, your child’s crying will be reduced to a minimum.

I don’t believe in leaving children alone at night to cry. You will be there supporting your child in the process of learning how to fall asleep naturally and sleep peacefully.