Our Internationality

We pride ourselves on our international background and multicultural respect and understanding.

Eliana Bultrini Beeson, Founder and Owner of Little Angel Sleep Consulting, was born and raised in Rome, Italy.

Her passion for different languages and cultures inspired her to learn four languages, English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French, and to live in six different countries, China, Chile, Russia, Hong Kong, the UK and the US.

When she started her own business as a Child Sleep Consultant, Eliana hoped to bring the same international spirit to her activity as well.

As of today, Little Angel Sleep Consulting has helped families in 21 countries across the world. It’s been an incredibly enriching experience to see how families from different cultures approach their children’s sleep situations. Yet regardless of country, families all over have the desire and willingness to get their children to sleep well.

We couldn’t help but reflect our international outlook into our business.

The Little Angel Sleep Consulting Team is currently spread across 3 different countries:


who lives in New York City and supports both English and Italian speaking families in the US, UK, Italy and around the world;


our second Paediatric Sleep Consultant, based in Venice, Italy, and working with Italian speaking families in Italy and other countries;


our Customer Support Representative, who lives in the UK and assists all our customers with general enquiries and appointment bookings;

Countries we have worked with

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