Success Stories


We can’t thank Eliana enough for the support she has given our family. More importantly she has brought out the best in our 8-month old son by helping him to sleep through the night and not be so dependent on me to nurse him to sleep. It was hard to imagine that we could go from being fully dependent on being breast fed to sleeping on his own in his own room. When we put him down he is happy to go to sleep and the subsequent results are amazing. We have a happier boy who is developing well. As an added bonus my husband and I have time together as we have our evenings back! Thank you Eliana, there are no words which can truly describe how much you have helped us! Your kind and warm approach to families who find this whole process difficult is lovely and appreciated. Thank you again! x”

– Mum of 8-month old Rohan- London, UK


“This was the best investment we could have ever made before having a baby. Eliana took us through the neonatal course with such professionalism and enthusiasm. Our daughter Lucia started sleeping for 9-11 hours on a row at night on her crib/own room since she was two months old. It was never a struggle as her techniques are always focused on making a baby feel comfortable about going to sleep. I had to come back to work after twelve weeks of giving birth and having Lucia sleeping well reassured me. She is a happy baby and we are as happy as her to see her growing healthy and relaxed. Eliana’s guidance on this journey was exceptional!!”

– Julie, Prenatal Package – Miami, FL, USA


“Do I recommend Eliana?!? My only regret is not having called her sooner. She changed our lives, and not only ours but also our child’s. He is much better rested, less anxious and more active.

To those of you who have doubts, I say ‘do it!’ It really works! We saw massive improvements from the first night. Our son was a desperate case, he would wake up 10-12 times a night. There were some difficult moments at the beginning, but Eliana stayed close to us, displaying levels of presence, kindness and empathy that you rarely see, and she was able to advise us about everything. Working with her is a guarantee”.

– Ilaria, Mum of 18-month-old boy – Pavia, Italy


“Difficult case: 3 older children (4.5-year-old girl and 3-year-old twins). Their sleep had always been fragmented… None were waking up in the morning in the same bed in which they had fallen asleep at bedtime.

Mum and Dad were worn out.

Then, Eliana arrived. Reliable yet reassuring, she takes your hand and accompanies you on a complex journey, constantly helping you see the finish line…

So, the part of you that wants to give up doesn’t surrender! And then, after three weeks, you wake up and realise that everybody slept in their bed all night long.

You smile and you thank Eliana and people like her who stand by parents and, instead of making them feel wrong, build alternative good habits that make us all feel better and are a guide to staying focused on ourselves and our family.”

– Claudia, Mum of 4.5-year-old girl + 3-year-old twins – Rome, Italy


“We had tried everything to get our daughter to sleep. We had lost hope and were about to give up. Everybody would say “she is just a bad sleeper, there’s not so much you can do about it”. Then I heard about Eliana and what she does from a friend. My wife was unsure as there is not a sleep training concept in Italy and we didn’t know whether this could work. It was me to get in touch with Eliana. It is unbelievable to see that after 2 and a half years of no sleep, C. is now sleeping through the night. She is so much happier, no more whining, no more tantrums, and we are much happier too. We have gone crazy recommending Eliana to all our friends.
Eliana, I hope you will get a lot of clients, you deserve it!”

– Dario, Dad of 2 and a half year old girl – Rome, Italy


“We are just under half way through our sleep plan and we have had so much improvement already including sleeping through the night!!!!! I cannot praise this service enough, it’s absolutely amazing, the plan is robust and covers everything. The support offered is great, Eliana is always so helpful and has been a godsend. I 100% recommend.”

– Carly, Mum to 9-month old Jackson – London, UK


“My son was born prematurely. In the initial few weeks of his life, typical of most premmies, our challenge was that he slept too much. Another challenge was getting him to breastfeed, which took around three months for him to master without any syringes, tape, and other paraphernalia. I would always have him on the breast: for food, for comfort, and to help him sleep. Feeds took forever. But I do not regret it for one minute as he quickly grew well and healthy! However, we started to face the battles of broken sleep. At around four months he would usually sleep a four hour chunk, which would be followed with every two hourly wakings. This then changed to every two hourly wakings — and sometimes even one hourly wakings! By the time he was five months I was sure that something was not right. I thought, “He cant be that hungry, because in the day he doesn’t need food every one or two hours?” The penny dropped that I was his sleep comforter and sleep cue! After that my partner tried to help out, but we ended up then relying on bouncing him to sleep!

I had no idea how to break these cycles and engage in sleep training. I knew I wanted and needed to do it. But there’s so much information online it becomes overwhelming. I wanted to have a trusted professional who would be able to guide me and be sensitive to my needs and my son’s. I was scared that I could do some psychological damage to my kid if I got it wrong. (I think he is very squishy and lovely and didn’t want to do that to him. Babies are so lovely, how can we do that to them!?)

I searched the internet and found Eliana. I had not met her in person. But after having checked out her website and spoken to her in person I was sure she would be great. She clearly knew what she was doing, was responsive, organised, and armed with many tailor-made questions for me and my son. I hired Eliana for the half-night support package. I’ve often been alone — or at least caring for him in the night wakings — by myself. So it was great to have her there, real life, in person, giving me guidance at each step along the way and encouraging me. I’m so glad she stayed for half the night, because she was able to help me understand what I needed to do in the night-wakings, otherwise I probably would have caved! She was also there on the phone and by email in the two weeks after — which makes a major difference.

Sleep training requires patience (dig deep, people!), confidence, and trust in yourself and your child. Eliana was able to show me this and equip me with a whole bunch of skills and confidence that I was craving — and so was my son.

One of the best things about Eliana’s sleep training is her holistic approach. It’s not just about getting your kid to sleep through the night. She helps you to understand what is happening in the day, in terms of naps, feeds, exercise, time outside and light exposure, and more! This was reassuring that she’s the real deal. No magic trick or wand. No “leave her/him to cry for 4 hours and she’ll/he’ll be trained.” No, Eliana looks at your child, their health, sleep environment, who the carers are, the food, the daytime scene, and then goes from there.

Having a baby, for me, is something I chose to do and have also been privileged with. It fills my heart every day (squish, squish). But it is a lot of work. (It is also a reminder of how amazing women are! Seriously, history robs us!) You literally give your body and being for this little soul. So any support, any guidance, that can help make that journey easier is worth it and a good investment. I just wish there were more Eliana’s in this world and/or that every parent of a child was supported in understanding sleep and/or able to access sleep support.

For the first time in months I have had some time where things are calmer. I am really glad we did this.

She’s a special cookie this Eliana. We thank her so much.”

– Sanaa, Mum of 6-month-old baby boy – Berlin, Germany


“Our 3 month old daughter had been sleeping in our arms using a dummy since she was born waking up several times during the night. We were taking shifts so that the other could sleep. After 5.30 in the morning, one of us had to walk up and down with her in the arms so that she would remain asleep. In the mornings, she was always cranky, as she was not getting good quality sleep in our arms. We have tried in the past to introduce her into sleeping in a moses basket, but with no success. We were both exhausted, never managed to eat dinner together or even speak much to each other after 7pm other than when feeding/changing our daughter. We were worrying that we would not be able to take care of her if we continued like that. We decided to seek help from a sleep consultant, but we were very nervous about it as our daughter has a very strong personality and tends to cry intensely when upset. We did not believe we would manage to get our daughter to sleep in a cot on her own, but we decided it was worth to try and Eliana was confident that she would be able to help us.
We opted for the half night support and Eliana has proven to be a life saver. The sleep plan she prepared was specific to our situation taking into consideration the age of our daughter and the fact that we did not want to let her cry for long periods. The first night was difficult, but under Eliana’s guidance we were able to do it and in the end it was nowhere near as bad as we had expected it could be. We were both taken aback by how knowledgeable Eliana is, explaining to us in detail every step of the process and the reasons behind it. She has been very supportive providing invaluable advice that actually works (not like the controversial and conflicting advice that exists online), she listened to us and our concerns and was able to guide us throughout everything. Eliana’s work did not stop after the first night – we had two weeks of follow-up support with her including calls and then emails. This was extremely useful in guiding us through the change and any bumps along the way until our daughter got used to it. In this time, she gave us the tools and confidence to handle what may happen in later months e.g. teething, sick nights etc.
The second night our daughter surprised us all and slept 4-hourspells in the cot achieving 9 hours in total. At the end of our work with Eliana, our daughter was sleeping with no support from us (she even stopped using the dummy by herself) for 11 hours waking up only once to eat during the night. As I’m writing this review (2.5 weeks after we started this journey with Eliana), our daughter already has slept through the night twice so far! We are now able to eat dinner together, have a proper conversation between us and have started to really enjoy parenthood. But the most important thing we were able to achieve was our daughter being well rested and happy during the day. Now when she wakes up in the morning, she is full of smiles! Eliana is a true sleep whisperer, she has a very pleasant personality, is very supportive, extremely knowledgeable and very professional. She is very passionate about what she does and is able to transmit the positivity she has to her clients, something that makes a massive difference when you are trying to change your baby’s habits but at the same time you are exhausted from sleepless nights. We have never been so satisfied from a service before and we cannot recommend Eliana enough. She has given us something priceless, our family being well rested (all three of us) and enjoying our time together.”

– Ian, Dad of 3-month-old baby girl – London, UK


“We used Eliana to help our 4.5 month old daughter sleep for longer stretches at night. Our daughter had slept well up until around 3 months, but then she started to regress and by 4 months she was waking every 40 mins / 1hr / 2hr maximum at night time. This was exhausting for mummy! She also required rocking or breastfeeding to sleep. The first night Eliana came to help us, our daughter fell asleep on her own within 1hr (some crying) and then only woke up a few times in the night – sleeping for maybe 3-4hrs at a time. The second night, she slept for a full 12hrs!!!! Since then she has been sleeping really well at night (10/11hrs) and taking consistent naps in the daytime. Each time she goes to bed awake and falls asleep on her own. It is a miracle!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Eliana – she has helped us so much by giving us and our daughter the “gift of sleep”. Mummy has so much more energy now and is less irritable and frustrated. We are so much happier as a family! THANK YOU!”

– Dominique, Mum of 4.5-month-old baby girl – NYC, USA


“Eliana has literally changed my family’s life. My baby was 4 and a half months when we started and as you can expect from a first-time mum I was very apprehensive about starting sleep training. Prior to working with Eliana, my son woke up every two hours to feed. Fast forward two weeks later and my son now sleeps through the night from 7.15pm until 7am and he is a MUCH happier baby and his reflux is much better. I cannot recommend Eliana enough. Her patience, support and general mannerism have been awesome. We set a goal at the start of our engagement and we exceeded it. She was really committed at all times to ensuring our family go the well deserved rest we needed.”

– Abi, Mum to 4-month old baby boy – London, UK


“I am not usually someone who ends up writing reviews. At first when we initially thought of hiring a consultant we were so sceptical. When we contacted Eliana and had our initial call with her, the warmth she brought on that call was amazing. She made me feel I was talking to a mother first and then a consultant. All what she cared about in that call was to hear about us and understand our challenges. The 2 weeks we spent it together were so amazing not only for our baby but also for us as parents since we learnt so much about our little one and learnt how to truly listen to what she wants. Eliana thank you for changing our lives, wish you all the successes. Definitely recommend Eliana wherever you are, we definitely didn’t feel any challenges with the fact she is in a different timezone”.

– Tanya, Mum of 6-month-old baby girl – London, UK


“A friend recommended Eliana and I could not be happier with the service and support Eliana provided to our family. Ethan was 4 1/2 months when we started our sleep intervention. He would take ages to fall asleep at night and wake up every two hours. We would spend sooo much time rocking, singing, holding him etc. A 3 hour stretch was a miracle at the time. Once we started with Eliana, he started self-soothing to sleep and sleeping 3-4 hours in a row. After a week he would go to bed on his own and sleep 5-6 hours in a row. It was hard must admit and you need to be committed but it is totally worth it! Ethan is a happier baby now that he sleeps more, and for us it a completely different ball game. Eliana answered all our questions promptly and was supportive all the way through our journey, providing clear instructions and solutions . I could not recommend her enough! She is the sleep angel :)!!!”

– Benedetta, Mum of 5-month-old Ethan – Bologna, Italy


“Eliana is a serious professional and a caring and sensitive person. We tried a sleep consultant from our country before but our son’s sleep did not improve. We hired Eliana and she gave us a wonderful service, even in the big time difference between the Middle East and London. We think she made a miracle because we had never seen our son sleeping 12 hours in the night. All our family and friends now want to work with her.
Thank you Eliana from your Middle East biggest supporters.”

– Mum and Dad of 6-month old baby boy – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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