Success Stories

The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some letters from them:


We can’t thank Eliana enough for the support she has given our family. More importantly she has brought out the best in our 8-month old son by helping him to sleep through the night and not be so dependent on me to nurse him to sleep. It was hard to imagine that we could go from being fully dependent on being breast fed to sleeping on his own in his own room. When we put him down he is happy to go to sleep and the subsequent results are amazing. We have a happier boy who is developing well. As an added bonus my husband and I have time together as we have our evenings back! Thank you Eliana, there are no words which can truly describe how much you have helped us! Your kind and warm approach to families who find this whole process difficult is lovely and appreciated. Thank you again! x”

Mum to 8-month old Rohan- London, UK


I don’t know why I waited for so long. I hope I would have been able to write this review months ago. I met Eliana at one of her sleep events 6 months ago when my little one was just over one. I waited, waited, waited before deciding  it was time to go ahead with Eliana’s services. I somehow hoped (and was wrong!) we would see improvements in Oliver’s sleep over time. Eliana checked on us regularly after the sleep seminar, and she did it without any commitment  from us that we would buy her services. This made me feel cared for in a world where professionals like Eliana have no time for anything, unless you pay them for it.

My son is 18-month old and thanks to Eliana he is now sleeping 11 hours straight at night and falling asleep in only 5 minutes. Prior to working with Eliana, we had to endure bedtime battles every night for 1 hour and get several night wakings. We wouldn’t have never got there without you Eliana. Thank you so much for saving our family life.

-Jane, Mum to 18-month old Oliver – Bristol, UK


I used Eliana’s services for my little 7-month-old Ginevra and I had a great experience… Her knowledge and support have been fantastic…
Ginevra started sleeping through the night from the second night of work together.After a month from the end of our “therapy”, Ginevra still maintains her sleep habits, goes to sleep by herself, in her own cot in her room… I am very satisfied with the outcome of our work together! It’s normal for babies not to be like robots, so we have had a couple of less good nights after wrapping up work with Eliana. However, I can now understand where bad nights come from, for example some discomfort due to teething or lack of consistency on our part.
Thank you so much!

-Martina, Mum to 7-month old Ginevra – Rome, Italy


“We feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Eliana. The one lesson I have learned through our experience is that achieving great sleep in newborns is possible! We started working with Eliana when our daughter was only 8 weeks. Everybody thought we were crazy in wanting to help our daughter sleep well at such young age. Eliana was able to help us set some realistic expectations around our child’s sleep and, most importantly, get her sleeping with only one feed at night. Eliana is really supportive, she doesn’t judge people, she knows babies inside out and she can really advice you at best around your child’s sleep.

This might not be every family’s choice but if you are considering sleep training, Eliana is the person to go for. I 100% recommend!”

-Charlotte, Mum to 8-week old baby girl – London, UK


“We didn’t know we could really help our daughter regularise her sleep. We hadn’t slept in 3 months and this was creating stress and anxiety in our family and couple. We engaged Eliana after having received several positive recommendations about her services. After 2 weeks of work together, our daughter started sleeping 10 straight hours at night!
Our daughter has been sleeping well for 3 months now.
Thanks so much Eliana for your precious help. We’ll never stop thanking you.”

-Giorgio and Federica, Mum and Dad to 9-month old Olivia – Rome, Italy


“We first got in touch with Eliana 6 months ago. At the time we decided to go with another sleep consultant because her services were cheaper. Having worked with Eliana and another sleep professional we now understand where Eliana’s 100% success rate comes from. She is knowledgeable, caring, sensitive and non-judgmental. She was able to fix our 3-year old daughter’s sleep problems in less than 2 weeks because she took the time to understand who my daughter was and what we wanted as a family. She was with us from the very beginning until the very end to ensure our work together would bring us success and happiness. Our daughter now sleeps 10.5 hours at night, falls asleep in 10 minutes, no more fights, no more tears and much happier family.
We should have gone with Little Angel services from the beginning as Eliana’s support and expertise are worth every penny!”.

-Clare, Mum to 3-year old Hannah – London, UK


“Eliana is a serious professional and a caring and sensitive person. We tried a sleep consultant from our country before but our son’s sleep did not improve. We hired Eliana and she gave us a wonderful service, even in the big time difference between the Middle East and London. We think she made a miracle because we had never seen our son sleeping 12 hours in the night. All our family and friends now want to work with her.
Thank you Eliana from your Middle East biggest supporters.”

-Mum and Dad to 6-month old baby boy – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


We have been absolutely delighted with the outcome of working with Little Angel Sleep Consulting and never could have imagined a time when we would be able to sleep beyond 5am! Since she was born, Clementine has always woken in the night and even when she hit 6months she was waking at 5am at the latest and we would struggle to get her back to sleep without a lot of effort. At 7 months old we decided to recruit some help -Eliana undertook a very thorough consultation in our home and even just a few tweaks we made to Clementine’s sleep area made an immediate difference. We worked closely with Eliana for two weeks tweaking daytime naps accordingly and also removing Clementines dummy which has resulted in her going to bed by 7pm every night and getting out of bed at 6.45am in the morning. If she wakes in the night she settles herself back to sleep. During the day she has two naps for 1 hour 30 minutes and 1 for 30 minutes which we discovered is exactly what Clementine needs. It is the thoroughly bespoke and hands on approach from Little Angels that has created this outcome and I would definitely recommend Eliana. I returned to work last week and it has made a huge difference to be getting some sleep during this huge transition. I was always nervous of ‘sleep training’ techniques but Eliana’s methods did not involve our feeling Clementine was distressed in any way and the whole process was much simpler than we thought! Thank you!!!”


-Camilla, Mum to 6-month old Clementine – London, UK


“BELIEVE IT… I co-slept for 13 months with my son who used to wake up as often as 10 times a night. Eliana changed all of this with her professionality, availability and sensitivity. It’s been hard at times but the results have come… and they came fast!! Eliana has guided and supported us through the entire process… MY SON NOW SLEEPS FOR 10 CONSECUTIVE HOURS IN HIS COT!!! Thank you Eliana!!”

-Caterina, Mum to 13-month old baby boy – Rome, Italy


“Where do I start from? Eliana is simply amazing. We used to rock, pat and sing my son to sleep with a pacifier and Eliana changed all that in just a few days. Eliana was with us every step of the way. By the 4th night my son was sleeping through the night. Eliana was so supportive and made sure that I was comfortable with every suggestion she made. My son now sleeps from 6:30pm to 7:30am (sometimes 8am if he is having a lazy morning) Now, 4 weeks later we have a very happy well rested baby and a very very happy Momma.”

-Sheun, Mum to 4-month old baby boy – London, UK


“I have no words to describe how amazing Eliana is and how much she was dedicated to sorting our family’s sleep. She really did her best to make us feel comfortable at all times and to ensure our child was not distressed at any point.
When I first got in touch with Eliana, my 4-year old son was only sleeping with me, being rocked or held to go to sleep. He used to wake up at least 3 times a night and scream as he couldn’t go back to sleep.
My friends still don’t believe it but Andrew is now sleeping through the night, going to sleep in his own bed, with no fuss, no protest and we are all so much happier. We can’t recommend Eliana enough, best money ever spent in my life!”

-Katherine, Mum to 4-year old Gavin – Edinburgh, UK


“I had the pleasure of attending one of Eliana’s sleep seminars at my son’s nursery. My son is 2 and a half and he used to take long time to fall asleep and wake up multiple times in the night (staying up for up to 45 minutes each time). Thanks to Eliana, my son now sleeps through the night, in his own bed… I’m beyond happy for meeting Eliana, who is a caring, understanding, warm person. She very tactfully made me aware of my son’s bad sleep habits and gave me the strength to introduce healthier sleep habits and to stick to them even when people around me tried dissuading me.

Thank you, really thank you so much!

-Valentina, Mum  to 2.5 year old boy – Rome, Italy


“We are just under half way through our sleep plan and we have had so much improvement already including sleeping through the night!!!!! I cannot praise this service enough, it’s absolutely amazing, the plan is robust and covers everything. The support offered is great, Eliana is always so helpful and has been a godsend. I 100% recommend.”

-Carly, Mum to 9-month old Jackson – London, UK


“We had tried everything to get our daughter to sleep. We had lost hope and were about to give up. Everybody would say “she is just a bad sleeper, there’s not so much you can do about it”. Then I heard about Eliana and what she does from a friend. My wife was unsure as there is not a sleep training concept in Italy and we didn’t know whether this could work. It was me to get in touch with Eliana. It is unbelievable to see that after 2 and a half years of no sleep, C. is now sleeping through the night. She is so much happier, no more whining, no more tantrums, and we are much happier too. We have gone crazy recommending Eliana to all our friends.
Eliana, I hope you will get a lot of clients, you deserve it!”

-Dario, Dad to 2 and a half year old girl – Rome, Italy


“Rose was a gorgeous baby girl; of course she was, she is my daughter. However, I can’t tell that she was always joyful and relaxed as well. Instead, she was often nervous and -at times- unbearable.
My gut was telling me that she was not sleeping well, nor enough. I could tell by her constant rubbing of eyes and by her irritability. Also, by the continuously disrupted nights. Yes… nights were full of wakings, for her and -sad enough- for me too. During the day she couldn’t rest if not in my arms, attached to my breast, or in her pram, where she could not really get proper rest.
I thought there was not much I could do about it, I did hope that growing she would improve on her own. I waited. Nine months passed with no improvements. I started to despair to see any at all. Because, it is normal- I told myself- which small child doesn’t struggle to sleep?
It is our “destiny”, as mothers.
Then I met Eliana (even though only virtually) and I got fascinated by her role as Sleep Consultant for children. She explained me that no, it is not mandatory that the child doesn’t sleep through the night, and even several hours in the day, on her own. There are methods, based on recent scientific studies, created to make some small changes that can help teach the baby to sleep better and for longer. And, last but not least, also mom and dad!
Eliana was extraordinary in helping us, she listened to our problems and goals, and prepared a tailored training program for Rose. She was an enormous help, not only in explaining everything in every detail and in answering all our questions, but also in supporting and encouraging us when we were unsure and insecure.
Well, after less than a week my little Rose is able to sleep through the whole night on her own (from 7-7:30 pm till 6:30-7:00 am), she falls asleep on her own and stays asleep, having good naps in the day as well (2-3 up to 4 hours in the day!).
My life has changed for the better in so many ways that it is hard to list all of them. I feel a lot more confident as a mother and the quality of family life has improved tremendously.
But the best thing of all is to see that Rose is not only as gorgeous as ever, but also joyful and calm, almost never nervous, a lot more focus and happier.
And that, at the end, is what it is all about.”

 -Silvia, Mum to 9-month old Rose – Paisley, UK


“Eliana has literally changed my family’s life. My baby was 4 and a half months when we started and as you can expect from a first-time mum I was very apprehensive about starting sleep training. Prior to working with Eliana, my son woke up every two hours to feed. Fast forward two weeks later and my son now sleeps through the night from 7.15pm until 7am and he is a MUCH happier baby and his reflux is much better. I cannot recommend Eliana enough. Her patience, support and general mannerism have been awesome. We set a goal at the start of our engagement and we exceeded it. She was really committed at all times to ensuring our family go the well deserved rest we needed.”

-Abi, Mum to 4-month old baby boy – London, UK


“A big thank you to Little Angel Sleep Consulting (in particular to Eliana) for giving me the possibility to achieve regular sleep for my little baby Giulia. Giulia is only three months and now she is able to sleep from 11 pm to 8 am straight. Many many thanks!”

-Linda, Mum to 3-month old Giulia – Rome, Italy


A huge thank you to Eliana for having helped us with her great professionality get our sleep back! I highly recommend Little Angel Sleep Consulting.”

-Stefania, Mum to 14-month old Livia – Rome, Italy